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Date: December 15 
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Seminar: Raising the new generation with Ayurveda
Location: Online. You will be sent a link by email after signing up
Registration: Click on the link below
Price: $29

At a glance: Are you struggling to make healthy choices or simply curious about the best way to raise your children? Join us for this information-loaded seminar that will answer many questions and offer some advice on home remedies for those pesky (and pretty regular) illnesses that affect our little ones. We will cover:

  • Best foods for children
  • Wrong food combinations: Cause of many allergies and respiratory problems
  • Food legends: Wheat, soy, dairy, nuts: Should they eat them?
  • Healthy ideas for meals, snacks, and lunch boxes
  • Allergens: Who are they?
  • Reading labels: What you should avoid at all costs
  • Tips on food preparation, use of spices, and lifestyle good habits
  • Home remedies for common illnesses using food, spices, and herbs
  • Building a natural first aid kit
  • Healthy, easy and fast Ayurvedic recipes