A few kind words from our clients, friends and partners:


Experience: Free lecture / Workshop / Ayurveda consultation

My experience with Jesus far exceeded any expectations I had, even based on the high praise given by the teachers at Miami Life Center. It is not an exaggeration to say that meeting him has been a life changing experience, and I will forever cherish the insight and self awareness I have taken away from our Ayurveda consultation. I only wish that I lived closer to Miami to see him more regularly.

Kim Mills, London


Experience: Ayurveda consultation

Jesus has allowed me to see the possibility for a grounded and centered way of living that I did not know was possible. Through his soft demeanor and knowledge in ayurvedic healing he has changed the way I feel inside and out. The dietary guidlelines he prescribed for me have truly changed my digestive process and energy levels. Through herbal recommendations my body has naturally found its center and restored itself to a state of balance. I cannot really put my experience into words and recommend ayurveda for all- it is one of those things you need to experience for yourself to become aware of its power.

Ale, Miami


Experience: Private consultation

My experience with Jesus has been very rewarding in every way. He not only educated me in the ways of ayurvedic medicine but was able to give me very potent advice about the link between my illness and my emotional state which others didn’t seem to pick up on. He is not only knowledgeable but very friendly and courteous, and has a very humble and gracious nature. He emailed me all his recommendations, answered all my emails/questions right away and is always there to encourage the healing process.

Sonia Akhter, Ft. Lauderdale


Experience: Ayurveda consultation

Since my first Ayurveda consultation, Jesus understood the core of my needs in a way I developed deep communication and confidence. His orientations integrate no just physical issues but emotional and even spiritual ones. For 30 years I have been looking for alternative doctors and I have found Jesus as my great advisor!  I have adopted many Ayurveda practices and my health has improved a lot! Also, he has been always available to answer my doubts or questions over the phone, text or email!

Patricia Rivera, Miami


Experience: Ayurveda Workshop / Ayurveda Consultation / Marma Therapy

I’ve had an amazing experience with dosha-specific diet and lifestyle recommendations so far: my seasonal allergies are under control, by far less breakouts on my skin, bloating disappeared, do not feel drowsy after meals, proper nourishment helps to avoid overeating and controls cravings. Lifestyle changes have reduced anxiety significantly. And Marma was an amazing relaxation which will recharge your inner ‘battery’ and sharpen senses.

Kateryna P., Hallandale Beach, FL


Experience: Ayurveda Workshop

The Ayurveda workshop at Surya Yoga four years ago changed my life in such a positive way. With a combination of Ayurveda and yoga I am healthy, strong and full of energy spiritually, physically and mentally.

Dena Rae Hall


Experience: Free lecture / Ayurveda consultation

During my Ayurveda consultation, Jesus provided life-changing insight, advice and natural treatments which markedly improved my physical and mental well being. Highly recommend.

Justin G., London


Experience: Ayurveda consultation

I truly appreciate your wisdom and suggestions.  I have to admit that I have felt transformed ever since our meeting.  I am grateful for the protocol you have outlined for me and I look forward to applying these practices.  I will be in touch, for sure, as I do wish to continue to check in and seek your advisement on life and dietary practices. I truly can’t thank you enough!



Experience: Ayurveda consultation

Dear Jesus, there are no words that can express the “Grace” that I felt yesterday during our session. Much love and blessings!

Claudia, Venezuela


Experience: Panchakarma

What I received during Panchakarma was beyond physical detoxification and cleansing: I experienced a strong emotional release by understanding and processing some conditions of my mind which had been influencing my daily behaviors, habits and responses to life for many years.

Didem Brannon, Miami


Experience: Workshop / Ayurveda consultation

Jesus is a great healer. I trust him implicitly with my health issues as he is very knowledgeable in a great deal of therapies. Most importantly, Jesus is  a very compassionate care giver and he has a lot of integrity in everything he does.  Every time I have had a consultation with him, he has cured me. Needless to say, Jesus is the first person I call whenever I have any health issues. I have recommended him to other people in need of his services and they all have been very happy with the results. Thank you Jesus and I love you

Sally Kaplan, North Miami Beach


Experience: Ayurveda consultation

Jesus has been recommending me foods for my dosha, what to avoid, which foods will balance my digestion, etc. He has also helped me feel more balanced with sleep. He is knowledgeable and always happy to help in guiding you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Miriam, Miami