Symptomatherapy is the art of thoroughly understanding any type of imbalance, whether it is pain in your knee or the flu. Traditionally, we have been trained to see sickness as something bad that impedes us from functioning properly and therefore needs to be reversed as soon as possible. However, we rarely stop to think why sickness occurs in the first place. Here is where Symptomatherapy offers us a thorough and revolutionary explanation of the meaning of pain and sickness.


Every imbalance is nothing but a message. This message is a reflection of a psychological or emotional imbalance that has been affecting our life and that we have been ignoring so far. If we don’t correct this imbalance, our evolution as human beings gets impaired and that is why the situation is mirrored in the body, where we have no choice but to pay attention to it. Therefore, sickness is simply an opportunity to become aware of this emotional blockage and work on it so we can continue our evolution. For example, acid reflux may hint of a dead end situation we are facing or a lack of emotional fulfillment. And gallbladder issues occur when there is repressed hatred or wrath.


If we simply treat the symptoms without deciphering the message, then the message will return through a different messenger (illness). This clearly explains the recurrence of certain conditions in some individuals.


A symptomatherapy session is the perfect complement to an Ayurveda consultation. In the first one, we focus on alleviating pain, treating symptoms, and fixing any damage the body or mind may have experienced. In the second one, we delve into the psychological, mental and emotional aspects of the person (oftentimes reaching back to childhood issues) to find behavioral patterns that need to be observed and properly managed in order to speed recovery and avoid a relapse.


Symptomatherapy is the integral understanding of illness. It is useless to focus on treating symptoms without understanding the message embedded in every imbalance. We need to understand that illness is our guide, not our enemy. The results from a symptomatherapy session are spectacular from the first session and, sometimes, are all you need to re-establish harmony in your body and mind.