The Untamed Intellect

Could it be possible that many of the most feared diseases
nowadays were in fact a product of our wild intellect? Is our mind so unaware
of its own power of destruction that it can lead us to a life of pain and suffering
in order to achieve some hefty goal? This is not about some weird disease we
are referring to, this is common maladies that can wreak havoc on your life or
simply terminate it. Think high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety,
depression, and the so-called auto-immune diseases (diabetes, arthritis,
psoriasis, lupus, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and the like).

But, how can this happen? Ayurveda teaches us that our
intellect is powered by the sub-energy of fire that resides mainly in the
brain. This energy frequently endows fire types (Pitta) with a stupendous
software, making them smart, intelligent, capable of leading, detail-oriented,
sharp in memory, and highly articulate. However, what appears as a privileged
gift may turn into a complete nightmare if this energy begins to control and
impregnate all facets of our life.
Think of a person who is always occupied, who hates to “waste”
time, who conceives life as the attainment of goals, objectives, achievements,
and with no time to celebrate jumps from challenge to challenge. Think of a
person with barely any hobbies, little time to listen to others, no empathy for
what is happening around. Think of a person whose chest is always trembling inside
because every little thing is done in a state of constant tension, even the pouring
of a glass of water. If there are no deadlines, they create them; if there is
no rush, they set a time to arrive; if there is nothing to do, they force their
mind to think of something.
The continuous activity of this fire ends up burning our
most precious essence, the essence of vitality and vigor that is connected to
our immune system. This essence known as Ojas will literally burn out after
years of continuous attack, bringing grave consequences to the immune system
and overall body and mind structure. Add repressed emotions to the concoction
and you will come up with one of the multiple auto-immune diseases that are
plaguing our world.
Identified with the character already? So, what do we do to
stop this vicious patterns of behavior? Ayurveda provides us with a wide range
of options and therapies, from herbs to oils, to proper diet, to treatments, to
detoxification programs.

However, all these will prove futile if they are not
accompanied by a change of attitude towards life. We need to understand that
life doesn’t revolve around a job, a bank account, a beautiful body, or even a
loving family. Life is an unrelenting flow of surprises, unimaginable turn of
events, and impossible twists. You may swim against this flow for a while (and
pay the consequences) but you can never stop its course. This flow is all
powerful, all pervading, all knowing for it is a reflection of the Absolute.
You cannot control it, you cannot negotiate with it, you cannot escape from it,
and you will make yourself miserable if you try to argue with it. The only way
out is to follow the current, to flow with it towards the final destination of
all rivers. 
Throw away agendas, projects and plans to change the world. The
world is perfect as it is. Flow with it instead of arguing with it and you will
see its magnificence and perfection. And your body will thank you for it!