I heard that you were everywhere but I couldn’t even see you in front of my eyes. I heard that you were all powerful but I couldn’t understand how. I heard that you have always existed but I wasn’t there to witness it. I heard that you knew everything but I could never take a class from you.


Being so indoctrinated, I have always seen you as a separate reality. I heard them talk about all being ONE but, even though I wanted to believe it, I was never able to envision it. To me, you were always outside, above, beyond that ONENESS. Above everything, ruling, overseeing, witnessing, creating lives upon lives, worlds upon worlds…but not here, not actively participating, not de facto involved in my daily meaningless tasks that feel so meaningful to me. How can you know what I feel being human even if you know everything? Can you “know” my feelings, emotions, and states of mind as I experience them personally? Isn’t that more of an experience than a knowing? If we agree that emotions are universal archetypes and feelings my very own personal reaction to them, how can you partake of my human experience if you are separate from me? But you are not. Because you cannot be.


Because I am not. Because you are.


And now I know that I am you and you are me. Not that you are in me for that would imply a separation; you are me and I am you. And now, I can understand when I hear that you are omnipresent, eternal, omnipotent, and omniscient. Because I am too, as long as I agree to transcend this burning curiosity that is such a big part of my present human condition.


Then I am