Raise the Divine Feminine…

Raise the Divine Feminine…Divine Masculine will follow


“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God” John 1.1


Everything originated from sound, the Word, OM…vibration. The one source vibrated and ripples of creation sputtered forth in all directions. The universe manifested in myriad forms, sounds and colors. Vibration, represented by ether in the five elements present in all forms, continues to stand as the most direct way of connection to the Divine. All senses (touch, smell, taste and vision) pale out in comparison to sound, that unique and overwhelming experience whose maximum expression is silence.


Sound, like everything else, is made up of feminine and masculine attributes. And like everything else for the last 5,000 years, it has been imbalanced by an overpowering load of masculine energy (not the pure Divine Masculine but impure, subjugating, judgmental masculine energy) and therefore a scarcity of feminine power. Before the imbalance took place, the Divine Feminine–the creative, compassionate, soothing, nurturing energy–enjoyed its natural status as the source of wisdom and equanimity on the planet. After its fall, we have been pushed into a convoluted time filled with unrest, chaos, and confusion that will not be straightened out until the two energies find their natural equilibrium once again.


A renaissance of the Divine Feminine is needed for this to occur. Divine Feminine differs from feminism in that Divine Feminine doesn’t need to equate with anything else, including the masculine. Divine Feminine is a phenomenal, powerful force by itself, with its own characteristics, expressions, and roles. A rebirth of the Divine Feminine is, by no means, a search for equality with the masculine or a vendetta for years of ostracism. This rebirth cannot be violent or extreme. It is simply a vindication of a natural status, of the original balance between the two forces that contributed to the creation of the universe.


In order to regain this balance at a time of so much confusion and despair, the natural approach calls for a return to the source. And the source is no other than sound, vibration. It is in the connection with the original sound that we will be able to regain our clarity, intuition, peace, and joy for life. And where is this vibration to be found? In the center of your chest, in the inner heart. That is where we understand who we really are. We normally connect to it through inner reflection, meditation, prayer and some other techniques. However, at this time in history, it seems to me that the most powerful and direct form would be through chanting. Chanting the myriad names of the Divine for in those names there is no distinction between the Masculine and the Feminine. And it is by focusing into it, by invoking it, by downloading it into our hearts and projecting it forth that the energies will regain their original place in creation.


The ancient tradition of gathering in circles offers us the perfect set-up for this type of communion. Circle chanting in an atmosphere of respect, equanimity, and spiritual awareness is a regenerating and healing experience that elevates consciousness, not only in participants but everywhere else, as vibration knows no barriers. This is one beautiful way of healing so many of the wounds we have been nursing and elevating the frequency of what Jung described as the collective unconscious.


We are helping people create circles where chanting takes the main role but it is also well supported by honest conversation, powerful messages that show uninvited, and a sense of bonding that we barely remember anymore. In circles, there is no talk from the ego, no personal advice, no leading roles based on stored information. Circles are a truthful exchange of wisdom, a celebration of communion that is both exhilarating and profound, a calm experience of the joy of life.


Join a chanting circle or create one. We will help you. It will have an impact in you and the world at large. In the words of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”