Darkness is kind but, be aware, it can also be deceiving

Namaste, my fellow tunnel captives!


As commented last week, darkness is kind but ONLY if we are able to understand it and keep in mind its true purpose. That means not allowing ourselves to become so entrapped in the shadows that we lose sight of our real life purpose and end up focusing only on our lower, selfish desires. This may represent quite a challenge as our lower nature likes to make us believe that our integrity is in danger. And in that spell of ignorance, we will do WHATEVER it takes to protect it, no matter how much damage we spread around ourselves. And the ripples from this negative wave will impact other tunnel captives, who subsequently will try to take advantage or bring others down in order to alleviate their own suffering.


I would like to reiterate that this is “the” time to focus on our hidden lessons, our surrendering to the present, our rising beyond our likes and dislikes (thank you Dida!), no matter how much unfair treatment we are presently receiving. Remember, it is never personal. Understand others may be in a similar or even more challenging position than you are. Have compassion, it is not so bad, at least you are not being vexed and crucified, are you?  Remember the darker it gets (and it can get really, really dark), the closer we are to the light and the greater the chances to learn the purpose of this situation.


This may not be the best time to help others, compassion will suffice, but, at least try to chip into the general cause by stopping the negative rippling effect and trusting those higher forces that will lead us out of the tunnel when the lesson is understood. There is no need to steal a little energy from other beings; life energy is plentiful if we just seek it with an open heart.


Smile, trust, and it will be given!