Personal Ayurvedic Consultations

Ananda brings the ancient art of Ayurveda to Miami Beach. Ananda is a space for human development through self-exploration and correct care and use of the body-mind frame. During our personal Ayurvedic consultations, the practitioner does not only look at the symptoms of the disease but tries to identify the root of the cause. This may include finding which dosha (personal constitution) is out of balance, the strength of the digestive fire and immune system, and the proper functioning of tissues, channels and excretory apparatus. State of mind and spirit are also important factors that are addressed as they are involved in most disease processes.

Your personalized Ayurvedic consultation includes:

– Nutritional assessment
– Identification of your unique constitution (dosha)
– Pulse, tongue, nail and face examination
– Therapeutic Dialogue on symptoms, imbalance and medical history, lifestyle, sleep, diet, general routines, and mind patterns in order to find the cause of imbalance
– Customized diet according to personal constitution, goals, and imbalance
– Customized exercise routine according to personal constitution and imbalance
– Customized balancing routine according to personal constitution and imbalance
– Advice on nutritional supplements, herbal protocols and/or therapeutic oils as needed

To make an appointment for a personal Ayurvedic consultation, please call 786-443-6213 or send us an email with a brief account of your condition and preferred hours.


Personalized Programs:


Get quick and thorough results no matter what goals you are seeking to achieve. The “Breakthrough Program” gives you 6 hours of Ayurveda services at a discounted rate to be used  within one month so you can really tackle and follow through with all the things you are willing to change. You will establish the foundations for a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle and be supported during the whole process. You can use your hours to:

  • Schedule a Karmalogy session to work on the ultimate cause of your imbalance: your mind
  • Work on emotional blockages
  • Develop your spiritual life by understanding issues such as your life purpose, depression, auto-immune diseases, aging, and coping with death
  • Improve your relationships by learning better communication skills through Non-violent Communication
  • Schedule follow-up consultations (suggested after 2 or 4 weeks of initial consultation)
  • Get marma massage sessions (energy work for emotional blockages and stress relieving)
  • Learn meditation, breathing techniques, or personal Mindful yoga routines that you can practice at home.
  • Create a healthy pantry and learning Ayurveda cooking fundamentals and the use of spices (practicum class)

This is a highly effective way of tackling current imbalances and securing fast results. Highly recommended.


Many of us find the clarity to make a change in our lives but lack that final push or maybe the knowledge to set the foundations of our future success. For those of you in this situation, Ananda offers a 5-week program that teaches you how to start creating meaningful changes in key aspects of your daily life.

We begin with our initial consultation and then focus on developing a personal diet, arranging our pantry and learning the fundamentals of Ayurvedic cooking. We learn a daily routine that gives us balance and prevents disease, a short home yoga routine, breathing techniques or a simple meditation, and then follow-up with a final consultation to assess the results of our program and plan for the future. Every week, you will receive detailed, personalized support and guidance and you will be able to ask questions and clarify doubts as they come along.
Duration: 5 weeks (about 9-10 hours)
1- Initial consultation
2- The Art of Eating: Creating an Ayurvedic pantry
3- Ayurvedic cooking class (optional)
4- Dinacharya: Daily routine for health and mental balance
5- Instruction on Mindful Yoga home practice, revitalizing breathing, or meditation
6- Mini marma massage (30 minutes) for emotional balance
7- Follow-up consultation

* Nobody will be denied consultation for lack of funds. If you cannot afford the suggested fees, we can accept donations, trade-ins, or a bag of fruit from your private orchard.