Mindful Meditation

Mindful Meditation is a simple practice although it may take a little time to master. It is not overnight that you can go from being 99% of your time inside the mind vehicle to be able to step out of it and simply be. And, to be honest, our busy schedules and endless commitments and goals don’t allow us to really be aware of what mindful living may be. It would be preposterous to tell you just to become aware of all your thoughts and senses all the time. We need training for that.


Here is where Mindful Meditation comes handy. Mindful Meditation is a very easy, profound and rewarding form of meditation exempt from frustrating concentrating points, endless repetition of words, or colorful imagery.


Practicing Mindful Meditation in a quiet environment, away from the pressures of daily life, allows us to understand what it really means to be aware, to live life to its fullest. Gradually, this inner wisdom will develop and you will be able to transfer it to the rest of your day. You will become calmer, more aware of situations, more flexible, less reactive, less stressed out, and more content.


The best way to learn Mindful Meditation is through a Mindfulness Course where you will learn not only different meditation techniques but also how to develop a meditative approach to life that you can use throughout the day. The course helps and reinforces your commitment to a daily practice until it becomes a pleasant part of your routine. For more information about courses and dates, visit our Mindfulness Courses page or contact me at 786-443-6213 or jc@anandamiami.com.