Mindfulness Courses

Are you LOST? Are you feeling a big void in your chest? Bouts of anxiety or even panic attacks? Apathy? Not sure what your next step in life is?

Many of us live but we don’t live. Because life without awareness is nothing but a long chain of reactions with no understanding of anything we do. We have no idea what’s going on. One evening, we go to bed, start pondering and find out that days are slipping by without any grasp of their meaning, with no real PURPOSE other than surviving and waiting to win the lottery or for prince charming to show up out of nowhere.

So, what’s happening during this survival journey? What is happening in front of us while we are busy wondering and pondering and judging and speculating?

The answer is A LOT. However, we fail to notice most of it and take the rest for granted. That “A LOT” is life and it is truly amazing and so much fun. That’s where happiness is. That’s where purpose is. Nowhere else. That “A LOT” is found through mindfulness and this course is just the beginning of a grandiose journey into it.

I invite you to join me for 6 weeks of precious moments. We are gonna learn to:

  • Live life to its fullest, not just survive
  • Savor each moment of existence and see reality as it is (not the crazy story that is happening inside our mind).
  • Meditate, little by little, with no haste or comparisons, enjoying it, not worrying whether we do it right or wrong
  • Pacify the monkey mind so we can relax and see things in perspective, without all the added drama
  • Manage emotions, so they can help us and not enslave us
  • Transform into who we want to be, learning to express what we are, freely, without having to please anybody
  • Truly listen to ourselves, maybe for the first time in our lifetime.

I am gonna lead a new course starting January 10th. I invite you to join me and a wonderful group of people who are ready to bury their old thinking and rusty patterns of behavior and wake up to LIFE!

The choice is yours: Same New Year resolutions or taking life by the horns by transforming yourself inside out.


And the best is you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your home as the course will be run on a virtual platform that you can easily access from your computer or phone. Moreover, every class will be taped and you will have access to all of them so you don’t miss any minute of this transformational experience.

Next course will be announced soon.

A Mindfulness Course makes for a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. Sign up for a regular course, send us an email, and we will send you a Gift Certificate.