Most mental and emotional imbalances have their root in the poor understanding we have of life. Ancient traditions such as Sankhya, Vedanta, Yoga, and even Shamanism and Kabbalah have succeeded in presenting a thorough account of the meaning of life and the steps towards happiness and personal evolution. When you combine this ancient knowledge with the tools they left for us, you are able not only to find meaning to your existence but to understand all the processes involved in the game of life.

It is learning how to play the different games (establishing your foundations, having fun in life, defusing self-importance, creating a life project, expanding into universal love, allowing full communication, and finally focusing on spiritual development) what will make you fully aware of what you are and chart a roadmap to your personal realization.

In Ananda, we call this process Human Evolution and our mission in it, Karmalogy, as we deal not only with the psyche but with all different layers of the person. Karmalogy sessions are scheduled one hour per week so each individual has enough time to integrate all realizations taken from each session.


Understanding Karmalogy

  1. What is karma?

Contrary to popular belief, karma is not a curse but an opportunity to climb one more rung in the ladder of evolution. As such, there is not good or bad karma but just opportunities.


  1. How does karma work?
  • A karmic opportunity is implanted during childhood. It involves a situation that superficially seems detrimental to our interests.
  • This situation will create a very deep and strong mental imprint that will continue to affect our life from the deep shadows of our subconscious mind.
  • Due to its influence, we inadvertently continue to re-create the original situation throughout our lives. The situation will repeat over and over with different characters, different scenarios but same end result. This end result will always bring suffering, making us frustrated and even depressed as we don’t understand why this is happening to us.
  • The situation is re-created in an effort of our spirit to make us understand something about ourselves which will propel us to a higher level in our evolution.


  1. What is Karmalogy?

Karmalogy is a technique that allows us to unravel the complex situation designed by the spirit allowing us to see the real cause of our sufferings and the lesson that needs to be learned. Once you understand why this situation is happening over and over, you can change that aspect of you that is triggering it and stopping it. You will learn how to easily manage these situations if they ever reoccur again and, if needed, a plan to manifest the life that you are intended to live.


  1. What happens when you find the cause?

When you find the cause of your suffering, which is none but an opportunity to evolve, we are able to change our patterns of behavior and/or intentions for doing things. This stops the recurring situation and allows us to understand our new lesson and close the chapter. Once the chapter is closed, we can now begin to work on our life purpose or project without any interference.


  1. What about if you never find the cause/lesson to learn?

The situation will continue to occur at a harder and harder intensity, bringing more and more suffering to your life. We are bound to understand who we are and the meaning or our life on Earth. You may choose to understand these by turning inside and observing who you really are or you may choose to continue living externally until suffering breaks you down and you decide to look inside.


  1. Can Karmalogy help find out your life purpose?

Yes, Karmalogy can help you not only to find out what your purpose in life is but also how to manifest it.