Wit over Passion

So, it’s been a week after the national election and things are starting to calm down…at least for some. After the initial shock, we basically had two options: to accept or not to accept. Accepting any situation is at the core of any form of healing. It is also the only prerequisite if you wish to learn how to manage your emotions. Accepting doesn’t mean you agree with a situation, it is just recognition of a fact. Otherwise, you will be in denial and, being in denial, equals to continuous suffering.


Regardless of your position, you can still voice your opinion, and for that, you also have two options: You can take the path of fighting or you can take the path of expressing your ideas without animosity, belligerence, or defiance.  I have been hearing a lot of messages this week containing words such as “fight, battle, oppose, protest, etc”. If you opt for the first route, it is very likely that your opponent will grab his weapons and fight back. And remember that a war always leaves casualties no matter who the winner is.  So, again, not fighting doesn’t mean we agree with the current situation, it means that we’d rather be firm but peaceful when expressing our opinions. A good example are the many demonstrations happening daily all over the country as long as they are peaceful and respectful.


Egotistic people are not happy under constant criticism since the very nature of ego is to be liked, admired, and revered by everybody. So, nobody with a big ego is going to be happy with a 50% approval rate. And being liked by others is not something you can really force so maybe there is a chance that, with the right strategy, the scales will balance out even before the real game begins. On the other hand, a direct confrontation or provocation will likely ignite either the pride or the survival mechanism, dwindling the ego’s desire for overall acceptance and increasing the chances of a more radical stance.


This game needs to be played out with clarity, patience, astuteness, and goodwill. We should strive for a situation where everybody gains something and nobody is too badly injured. A head-to-head confrontation will result in radicalization of postures, more animosity, and even more separation.


The sun always shines after the storm but first we need to weather the storm. So, let’s be patient if we get wet. Storms are also part of life and they normally teach us much more than a peaceful, sunny day. They have the ability to provoke fear and to disturb or annoy us. So, use the storms to understand your inner self. Ask yourself why you are so afraid or so distressed or so angry. Sure you will get some invaluable lessons. Storms are great teachers despite their unfriendly countenance.