As I prepare myself to write this blog entry, I cannot but think of Krishna’s words to Arjuna when the brave warrior is despairing before battle: “You have the right to work but never to the fruit of your work”.

Dharma is a big word, maybe too big for us to understand its profound implications in just one lecture, a one-week seminar, or even in a lifetime. Most of us earthlings spend our lives trying to figure out what we are doing on this spinning rock– at least those of us who are curious enough to venture beyond the realm of the senses. And the answer always seems too vague, too unattainable, or maybe too simple for our relentless thirst for fame and adventure.

If we really want to discover which path we are to take on this mysterious journey, it is better we begin by letting go off any preconceptions about our route, illusions about our travel companions, and expectations about our destination. Once we do that, we should simply start walking and try to feel whether this is the right or wrong path for us. This can only be accomplished by stepping out of our comfort zone, which means bidding farewell to big brother Logic and his sister Memory who have been influencing our decisions since time immemorial. Fearful as it may seem, there may be no other way to understand the ways of Dharma but trusting our intuition. At this point, some may argue that their intuition is desperately in need of a good tune-up, but even those should not despair as the Eternal One has graciously arranged the stars, lines of the palm, and other elements in nature as pages in the book of Creation, where avid magic readers can dexterously decipher the original purpose of our trip to planet Earth.

Once the path is known, the wise words of the Gita can lead us into an aspect of the journey which is infinite times more important than the type of path we are walking on. The Gita’s words present a direct challenge to the highest thoughts of the lower mind, defying the ego to dissolve into the inscrutable mist of destiny. We are allowed any action without reservation but not what comes out of that action. This means living the eternal present without room for dreams, hopes, or expectations, simply hopping from one moment to the next, always unaware, always expectant, always starting afresh. Could we detain the inexorable flow of time and decay if we decided to remain in one moment at all times? Is that part of Krishna’s message? Just by pondering these questions, I am already jumping ahead and demanding the fruit of work. It seems awareness is key, full awareness at all times.

Knowing your Dharma can definitely alleviate a confused and confusing mind; of this, I have no doubt. However, following Krishna’s message of living life as it comes may as well help us uncover our ultimate purpose, for one who flows without reservations will eventually be taken to that place where he is most valuable, to himself and to the rest of creation. Becoming a flow-er (or a flower for that matter) appears to me as a sure, unmistakable way of fulfilling the totality of our personal agenda without forgetting any of the debts we have contracted during previous visits and the promises we have undertaken for this one.

Does this sound as too big a leap of faith? Let’s then return to the battlefield and listen to Krishna’s words of encouragement to the warrior that lives behind our physical heart: “It does not become you to yield to this weakness. Arise with a brave heart and destroy the enemy”.

Wit over Passion

So, it’s been a week after the national election and things are starting to calm down…at least for some. After the initial shock, we basically had two options: to accept or not to accept. Accepting any situation is at the core of any form of healing. It is also the only prerequisite if you wish to learn how to manage your emotions. Accepting doesn’t mean you agree with a situation, it is just recognition of a fact. Otherwise, you will be in denial and, being in denial, equals to continuous suffering.


Regardless of your position, you can still voice your opinion, and for that, you also have two options: You can take the path of fighting or you can take the path of expressing your ideas without animosity, belligerence, or defiance.  I have been hearing a lot of messages this week containing words such as “fight, battle, oppose, protest, etc”. If you opt for the first route, it is very likely that your opponent will grab his weapons and fight back. And remember that a war always leaves casualties no matter who the winner is.  So, again, not fighting doesn’t mean we agree with the current situation, it means that we’d rather be firm but peaceful when expressing our opinions. A good example are the many demonstrations happening daily all over the country as long as they are peaceful and respectful.


Egotistic people are not happy under constant criticism since the very nature of ego is to be liked, admired, and revered by everybody. So, nobody with a big ego is going to be happy with a 50% approval rate. And being liked by others is not something you can really force so maybe there is a chance that, with the right strategy, the scales will balance out even before the real game begins. On the other hand, a direct confrontation or provocation will likely ignite either the pride or the survival mechanism, dwindling the ego’s desire for overall acceptance and increasing the chances of a more radical stance.


This game needs to be played out with clarity, patience, astuteness, and goodwill. We should strive for a situation where everybody gains something and nobody is too badly injured. A head-to-head confrontation will result in radicalization of postures, more animosity, and even more separation.


The sun always shines after the storm but first we need to weather the storm. So, let’s be patient if we get wet. Storms are also part of life and they normally teach us much more than a peaceful, sunny day. They have the ability to provoke fear and to disturb or annoy us. So, use the storms to understand your inner self. Ask yourself why you are so afraid or so distressed or so angry. Sure you will get some invaluable lessons. Storms are great teachers despite their unfriendly countenance.

The Great Catalyst: Metaphysical aspects of the presidential election

We haven’t even had time to digest the result of yesterday’s election and there are already a million predictions, mostly ill-fated, about what is going to happen in the next four years. It seems we haven’t had enough with all the predictions made a few hours before the vote recount, or those predictions that assured us that the Brexit was a far-fetched dream.


There is a fatalistic tinge pervading all opinions expressed by those who don’t like Trump. There is, in fact, a lot of fear about the years to come. So, I guess I will be blogging a lot about this topic in the weeks and months to come, for I can tell you it is not going to be as we think and it is going to be good for all of us who are willing to flow and do our homework.


To our sheer amazement, Donald Trump has emerged as the great catalyst in the world orchestra. He has been able to survive a myriad situations that would have put any other politician not just out of the presidential race but out of politics. How could this happen? What’s so unique about him? The answer is NOTHING. He is not that special. What is special is what is going to happen through him: OUR BIG TRANSFORMATION. People are looking for change and Clinton represented just much of the same. We are unhappy, not just economically or socially but also emotionally and spiritually; we don’t know what we want yet but we know we don’t want the same. And that is the simple reading of her defeat.


Through Trump, we have already seen the real nature of millions of people all over the world. The real nature that had been buried deep inside because our cultural and religious upbringing had taught us that it was not nice to be admitted. If you voted for Trump, then, it would be fair to say that you resonate with the views, values and feelings he has shared during his campaign. So, this means that, on a daily basis, you are operating those views, values and feelings in your relationships with your family, neighbors and other beings on this planet. This is not BAD, this is simply the dark side present in all of us but normally suppressed in the dungeons of our consciousness so nobody can see it. Now that it is out, we can see how it operates and we can work on it. So, this is a good scenario as long as we do our job.


If you hate, despise, fear, or are disgusted by his opinions and values, then those are also part of your dark side; the difference is that, in this case, you don’t want to admit them in you and therefore you project them in the outside reality (person or situation). Let me give you an example: if you accuse him of hatred and you hate him, aren’t you both on the same side of the coin? So, if we can admit that we also have that dark side that we are seeing so clearly in the outside world, we will be favorably working on our evolution. So, this is also a good scenario as long as we do our job.


Mind you that working with the dark side is neither denying it (Trump’s haters) nor indulging on it (Trump’s hardcore supporters). But the dark side merits long hours of contemplation and discussion so we will leave it for another day.


In either case, we will be stirred to transform ourselves, which is nothing but the CHANGE we have been yearning for so many years.  It will be a tough ride for sure but just because we needed a rough awakening. And, a little hint, the awakening will happen when we stop trying to change the outside reality and focus on changing what we are. Only then, we will begin to see great things happening around us. Gandhi said it (“Be the change…”), we all love to quote him, and now it is time to practice it.