About Our Ayurveda Seminars

Organizing an Ayurveda seminar is a great learning experience in the company of friends, a rewarding experience for your students or a fabulous gift for your employees. We can customize any seminar in Miami according to your needs or level of knowledge. Please call 786-443-6213 or email us for further details and availability.

1- Intro to Ayurveda

This Ayurveda seminar has been specifically designed to help participants understand the main principles of Ayurveda at the same time they learn specific preventive routines, Ayurvedic diet, and other techniques, which can be applied from the moment they leave the class. We will review the origins of Ayurveda, the theory of the three doshas or constitution types, the theory of the Six Tastes, and the Ayurvedic diet according to each dosha. Duration: 3 hours

2- Ayurveda for Yoga Teacher Trainings

This workshop has been specially crafted to be embedded in any yoga teacher training or advanced course where participants are genuinely devoted or fully immersed in the practice of yoga. The workshop offers a thorough overview of the connection between Ayurveda and Yoga and can be taught in one day or on two half days. No previous Ayurveda knowledge needed. Duration: 3-6 hours (based on contents)

3- The Art of Mindful Living

Most of us live a life of alternating joy and sorrow in our struggle to enjoy everlasting happiness. In this daily quest, five aspects need to be exquisitely balanced if we don’t want our journey to be one of continuous distress and emptiness. These five aspects are thoroughly covered during these series of five seminars, all independent from each other but intimately connected by the common thread of life: Mindfulness. The five seminars are:
MINDFUL BODY (including diet and lifestyle according to Ayurveda)
MINDFUL MIND (from ethical living to meditation, life purpose, and the development of mindfulness)
MINDFUL ENERGY (the Chakra system plus balancing, saving and protecting energy)
MINDFUL HEALING (preventing disease; processing emotions; importance of forgiveness, gratitude and faith; developing a positive mind
MINDFUL COMMUNICATION (listening with compassion; learning to communicate, not to judge; conflict resolution)

4- Ayurvedic Cooking

Contrary to most cooking classes, Ayurvedic cooking does not focus on rich flavors, complex sauces and delectable desserts. Ayurveda, as the art of living, mainly focuses on creating simple and balanced diets that are healthy and nourishing and, at times, even healing. Through a combination of theory and Ayurveda cooking classes we will explore the world of food, how to combine it properly, the art of “antidoting”, the 6 tastes, the world of spices and how to prepare simple, balanced dishes according to each constitution. This is the primary method by which Ayurveda helps us to cure diseases and keep the body healthy. This course includes one theory classes and one practicum. Lunch is included during practicum.