About Ananda: Ayurveda in Miami

As a modern outpost of Ayurveda in Miami, Ananda strives to present another side of life that many people are not much aware of: That life has to be lived as it comes but with full awareness of what is happening all the time. This means there is really not much that needs to be done in terms of accomplishing or changing, it is more a matter of realizing what is really occurring in the big picture, away from our daily personal dramas, unfounded fears, and outlandish desires. It is about continuous awareness, inner reflection, detached observation, sharp discrimination, and some silence. It is about flowing away from safe harbors and into the open ocean of consciousness.

We help you find your inner, divine compass through the ancient practices of Ayurveda, Vedanta, Yoga and Mindfulness in the form of consultations, detoxification, cooking classes, meditation, karmalogy, spiritual counseling, and Mindful Communication.

About Jesus Caballero

Jesus Caballero offers Ayurveda in Miami, FloridaIt really doesn’t matter much what a person has studied in order to offer a genuine experience. To repeat what is in a book, we can easily refer others to that book. And to adorn what is already in a book in order to make it different is not fair to the audience. Both healing and teachings are simply a divine gift or a sharing of experiences, whether personal or handed down to us through the inner understanding and integration of rational concepts. That said, and as I presume this will not satisfy anybody reading this page, I will share with you that I have had gratifying encounters with Ayurveda, Vedanta, Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Non-Violent Communication and probably a few other things in life I do not remember right now, and have gotten a few pieces of paper that can back up this statement.

I try to live life according to Mindfulness, which is basically what I share during my healing sessions and workshops. That is what I feel is truly important. And that is pretty much it. The rest is your own experience, which is the only important thing in a healing session or class.