Winds of Karma

We cringe when we hear the word Karma.  Gloomy thoughts about past terrible deeds and fears about future pain and suffering assault our minds. We hear someone say “Oh, it was her karma”, and instantly we feel sorry for that poor soul, or fearful that one day they will say the same about us.


Karma is one of the least understood life components, at least for the average Joe. Endowed with different meanings, the word Karma is normally translated as “action” or “deed” (note here that it is “action” and not “curse” as we tend to understand it) and is usually explained according to the principle of causality (the law of cause and effect). We can also see examples of karma in other traditions such the popular “An eye for an eye” or “You reap what you sow”.


However, the ominous nature we attribute to karma is simply a misunderstanding of its original meaning and exquisite operation. Instead of seeing karma as our inevitable fate, deriving from all our bad past decisions and deeds, we can see karma as what it really represents: OPPORTUNITY.


Karma is, in fact, an opportunity, a beautiful opportunity which is presented to us every day so we can fully understand the real meaning of life and our personal lessons. We all have stuff to learn here, that’s why we pop up on this planet over and over, and will continue to do so until we have mastered “the human curriculum”. What we call enlightenment is basically the completion of this curriculum; what we call happiness is basically our voluntary commitment to fulfilling this curriculum.


That said, it is crucial to understand how it works so we can cultivate more and more of this thing called happiness. Among all the opportunities (karmic situations) we get during our life, there is one which stands out as the major component of our curriculum: it is probably the toughest but also the one that, when worked upon, will drench us with the most satisfaction. This one big assignment begins early in our life tenure, during our childhood, with an initial setup seemingly developed by family, friends, teachers and others around us. Then, the scenario repeats itself over and over and over during our lives, each time making use of different characters and settings but with the same ending. This end result will always bring suffering, making us frustrated and even depressed since we normally don’t understand why this is happening to us. Sounds familiar? Can you already identify that situation that seems to follow you wherever you go?


We live at a time when this opportunity is being recreated at a very intense and impossible to avoid pace. It is merciless, there is no place to hide, and it is making us feel stuck, trapped, and helpless. It is obvious that, for whatever reason, we need to face it now so we can integrate its message and jump over to our next assignment. We need to work on it because it is holding us down and is affecting our happiness and our evolution.


How can we identify our personal big Karma for this lifetime and work on it? We need to use something that goes beyond the study of the mind and how it works, for Karma belongs to a much higher rank, which is the meaning of life. Karma is about the essence, who we are and what we are doing here, and that is a game way beyond our petty minds (even though we can use the mind to understand part of it).


I guess there are different ways of getting to it. I use something called Karmalogy. And I am writing this post today because I have been noticing during my consultations for some months now that most of us could benefit from it. The problem is this big karma oftentimes comes in multiple layers that need to be identified and peeled off one by one until we get to the bottom of it. It does require a good deal of objectivity, patience and experience and, needless to say, it is always easier to see it in others and very difficult to see in ourselves. Once we untangle the plot, then we can start observing how it manifests in our life and take the appropriate measures to master it. Examples of this big karma include suffering from constant abuse (by different people and in different circumstances: physical, verbal, in terms of financial retribution) or constantly associating with the “wrong” people, or lacking support when mostly needed, or never being able to materialize dream projects, or being erroneously judged or blamed for things we haven’t done.


I invite you to try Karmalogy. It does work and it will help you land on the path to stopping these deceptively negative cycles and thrive in life. Karmalogy is done in one hour sessions (live or on Skype) until the person feels confident enough to identify the process and act accordingly. For more information and rates, just click on the Ayurveda section on the bar menu and then on Karmalogy and Rates links on the left side menu.

Darkness is kind but, be aware, it can also be deceiving

Namaste, my fellow tunnel captives!


As commented last week, darkness is kind but ONLY if we are able to understand it and keep in mind its true purpose. That means not allowing ourselves to become so entrapped in the shadows that we lose sight of our real life purpose and end up focusing only on our lower, selfish desires. This may represent quite a challenge as our lower nature likes to make us believe that our integrity is in danger. And in that spell of ignorance, we will do WHATEVER it takes to protect it, no matter how much damage we spread around ourselves. And the ripples from this negative wave will impact other tunnel captives, who subsequently will try to take advantage or bring others down in order to alleviate their own suffering.


I would like to reiterate that this is “the” time to focus on our hidden lessons, our surrendering to the present, our rising beyond our likes and dislikes (thank you Dida!), no matter how much unfair treatment we are presently receiving. Remember, it is never personal. Understand others may be in a similar or even more challenging position than you are. Have compassion, it is not so bad, at least you are not being vexed and crucified, are you?  Remember the darker it gets (and it can get really, really dark), the closer we are to the light and the greater the chances to learn the purpose of this situation.


This may not be the best time to help others, compassion will suffice, but, at least try to chip into the general cause by stopping the negative rippling effect and trusting those higher forces that will lead us out of the tunnel when the lesson is understood. There is no need to steal a little energy from other beings; life energy is plentiful if we just seek it with an open heart.


Smile, trust, and it will be given!