On Devotion

In its rawest form, Devotion is nothing but the unobstructed manifestation of the energy of Love. And Love is nothing but the essence of everything that exists, and probably of the One that does and doesn’t exist. Devotion is the foundation of most religions although in most cases it may have not been interpreted in its purest form. Devotion, same as good actions, is totally unselfish; that means that when we exercise devotion, we are not doing it expecting something in return. That would rather be necessity with a lower or higher charge of faith. Neither are we giving thanks, for that would rather be appreciation for something we have received. And neither are we praising a higher being, for that would imply a type of separation that cannot be bridged.

In this world of relentless action and agitation, of continuous effort and goals, Devotion represents a firm belief in the power of the unknown. Regular devotional practice takes us to the gates of impossibility, that uncanny place of realization where we can attest that miracles are actually part of daily life. Used as your main practice, Devotion rushes you into the warm embrace with the Father or the Beloved or carefully places you into the loving lap of the Mother. As the invaluable adjunct to any other practice, Devotion provides the fresh juice of unspeakable bliss, drenching life with sweetness and compassion.

Depictions of fierce gods and abominable fates have prevented humanity to express true Devotion. As a result, Devotion is oftentimes expressed in a diluted form, watered down by fear of terrible eternal consequences. This has moved many to deny a certain figure as the source of creation. And still, Devotion is for everybody as it can be directed to any form you pick out. Let me explain: in expressing Devotion, you can direct pure, untainted love not only to an almighty god or council of gods but also to the union with your higher Self, to those that surround you, to the Earth and Sun that support your living, and, finally, to Life itself in its myriad forms, be it happiness, despair, pain or loneliness. It is in this last one when you totally abandon yourself to the river of Life, with absolute trust in the unknown, with absolute faith in “what is”.

Much can be written about Devotion and still we will never be able to grasp the slightest meaning of it. For Devotion is not for the meticulous student but for the impetuous explorer. Devotion is enthusiastic practice, abandonment with no expectations, and joy beyond the senses.

Devotion is not for the student. Explore it. You may become incredulously devoted to it.