The Game of Life

So how about if I propose you a game. How about if you start thinking about all the different personalities you could be, all the characters you could play if you were to exist eternally on this planet? (Did you just think of Highlander?). But there is more, let’s go a little deeper on this game and say that the reason for all this acting is to get to know ourselves inside out, all that we are capable of, good or bad, right or wrong; get to know ourselves so there is not the slightest part of us that is not fully experienced and properly assimilated.


So, let’s get started by playing an honest and kind school teacher who is not fully in accordance with the school system. He may be following his truth at first but how long can he continue until he falls in disgrace with the system or how much will he be ready to lose in order to be faithful to his ideals? Now, let’s play a young woman who rises beyond countless adversities to finally achieve public recognition and fame…and at that point finds herself completely alone in life. Next, let’s play a slave who is being brutally punished just for being a slave, or a raw soldier who deserts on his first battle, or a gambler fretting as his skills fade away. Let’s play the highly educated and brilliant but cold-hearted, the envious, the mischievous, the womanizer, the kindest lady in the neighborhood. Let’s play more complex characters, an explosive combination of the highest and lowest in morals. Let’s face off the antagonists, the old friends, the model couple. Let’s create a rambunctious plot packed with characters from different races, cultures, traditions, social strata and levels of education and play what each one of them would experience in relationship to the others. Are you tired already? Hang on tight, we have just started because the ride is…eternal.


Sounds like a fun game to play? Do you wanna know how it ends? Or would it simply come to a point when it would be impossible to make sense anymore? And, if that was the case, what about wiping everything off completely and starting afresh with a new background and new characters that would randomly start spouting out of your mind the moment you put yourself to the task? Wouldn’t you love watching the plot become alive by itself? Situations being created by the momentum of all the intermingled actions and reactions?


Now, how about if this was already happening and you were just one of these infinite expressions of the creator’s imagination? Which, by the way, as an expression would make you the creator itself. And what would happen to this one expression (that is YOU) if you were able to find out that the “reality” you are living is just a fun game played by your own imagination to investigate all the possibilities in your being?


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was…