The Pathless Path

This goes out to all those who have cravings beyond food,
shelter, sex, financial stability and all the other goodies that apparently
will bring us peace of mind and enduring happiness, in other words, will solve
our lives. The quest for what’s beyond the material rewards is not exempt from
tremendous confusion and utter bouts of dismay. The root of all ignorance can
be easily found in our inability to walk the path on our own without the help
of any crutch, be it in the form of a teacher, tradition, rite, technique or
whatever we can lay our hands on.
It is absolutely true that in the beginning a little help is
needed. A good teacher, a revealing passage from an ancient text can work
wonders in the tentative first steps of the seeker. The problem is that, if
allowed, we tend of attach to these guiding angels for the rest of our
existence; the problem is that many of these guiding angels will allow us to do
As a bitch kicks out her puppies when they are ready to support themselves,
so the good teacher should draw a line of separation with the student who is
ready to explore his world on his own. If you don’t leave, you will never
understand who YOU are. You will understand your teacher’s world and the world
in general but that is not what you are here for. You are here to know YOURSELF
because, as a matter of fact, that is the only thing you will really be able to
know for sure. Think about it.
Every day, we spend a fair amount of time in techniques,
rituals, prayers and all kinds of other activities advised by some
teacher/tradition/religion in order to find peace, awareness, communion with
God, etc. I am talking about body postures, prayers, chanting, dancing, and
breathing techniques, repetition of words and sentences, attendance to services
and rituals, and many more. And we engage in these activities thinking that
this is what we need to do in order to propel ourselves to a new, higher level.
But the truth is they don’t propel us anywhere; they simply take us as far as
ground zero, the neutral zone from where we can start our real work. If you
don’t do anything else, then nothing will happen. If you never open the door to
your inner home, what is the point of your walk uphill every single morning? And
yet, we continue to engage in the technique and we totally miss the real work.
If you don’t believe me, just look at yourself, still seeking, still doubting,
still following, still acting, still suffering…  
It is this inner home, the inner world, the YOU, that you
are here to know. And, to tell you the truth, there is not much that needs to
be done. Observation, silence, passive awareness, watching your thoughts,
actions and reactions, emotions, feelings and desires will show you who you are
NOT. And that, and only that, will start to create a new path in your confused
existence. And that path is a pathless path for no one but you can experience
it and no one but you knows how to get to the very end of it. Again, yes, in
the beginning some kindred soul will escort you to the entrance to the path and
it might even stick around for a while until you develop enough confidence in
yourself. After that, you need to let go of everybody, everything, start using
what your learned and more important start having faith in yourself.
Discrimination at this point is paramount as most of what you have learned will
have to be discarded as useless or unnecessary from now on. Detachment will
facilitate your mission. And faith in life will do the rest.
I propose you a little experiment if you wish to see all
this in action: STOP all techniques you are doing right now, be it asana,
prayer, meditation, puja, attending daily mass or whatever “medicine” you have
been prescribed. Stop them for one month and just watch yourself, how you react
when you don’t like something, what bothers you, what moves you and for what;
stop speaking, start listening, bury your smartphone in a drawer under your winter
sweaters and spent time with yourself simply observing your mind or simply
being. Then go back to your daily rituals and you will probably be able to
understand them better; you will understand their role, you will become more
relaxed about them, and more importantly, you will focus your energy where it
is really needed, in finding who you are or are not.
Ours is a pathless path that paves itself anew on an
infinite succession of unique moments.  All
we have to do is observe how much we flow with it and what programs we are
running that prevent us from doing so. Once programs are identified, observed,
they simply vanish, a new veil is cut down, and clarity begins to filter
through. There is nothing to DO really, nothing to TRANSFORM really, for we
already are what we are frantically wanting to be.
Life Happens…Happen with Life!