Ayurveda in Miami: Consultations, Detox, Karmalogy, and Mindfulness

Ananda brings the ancient art of Ayurveda to Miami Beach. Ananda Miami is a space for human development through self-exploration and the correct care and use of the body-mind frame.

You can treat symptoms but your imbalance will likely return since you haven’t found its cause.

You can treat the cause but the work will still be incomplete since you have not understood the message.

Every illness, pain, or imbalance is nothing but a concealed message cleverly delivered to help us understand who we are and assist us in our path and life purpose.

In Ananda, we help you ameliorate symptoms, identify the cause of your imbalance, and decipher the message of your illness. Only then, a person is truly healed.

“Ours is a pathless journey that paves itself anew
on an infinite succession of unique moments”